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Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit, and was once the pet of Count Dracula. He is very different from the original version of the character who appears in the books. As it was said by Chester, Bunnicula was found in a locked chamber in the cellar of the apartment complex that Mina, Harold, and Chester now live in. Also, he is shown to have a few vampire traits such as hiding from sunlight, sleeping in a casket, flying with bat wings, and draining juice from vegetables with his fangs. It has been seen that he cannot talk except for a few words (although Harold seems to understand him just fine). He cares for Mina a great deal but tends to cause mischief that yields supernatural consequences. Bunnicula sucks juices from vegetables (just like in the book) but different kinds of vegetables cause some kind of reaction in Bunnicula (sugar beets make him hyperactive and speedy, squashes enlarge his feet, onions make him cry powerful jet streams of tears, garlic turns him into a skeleton bunny, ghost peppers make him breathe fire, rutabagas give him telekinesis, turnips turn the house upside-down, wasabi makes him spontaneously combust, leeks give him spider legs, eggplants turn him into a huge and hideous three-eyed monster rabbit, etc.). In the books, it was unclear whether or not Bunnicula had vampiric powers although he was somehow able to get in and out of his cage without opening the door. Unlike his Ruby-Spears incarnation, Bunnicula's ears turn into bat wings to fly. He also speaks very limited English on rare occasion.